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A Listing of Active Ventures
Please ask us for details.

We love business ventures and have created a variety of them for our own purposes. They are each in different phases of development. For example, some are in the concept phase, while others are at revenue.

We make money from our ventures. We also use our ventures as a laboratory to see what works and what doesn't. We'd like to think that our advice is more practical and more valuable because we've had real-world successes and failures. Our ventures help us to develop best practices that you can use in your own venture!

We are also involved in multiple Joint Ventures. If you would like to learn more about a JV, are interested in investment or a strategic role, or are thinking about starting a venture of your own, please let us know. Thanks!

(Ventures are listed alphabetically, below.)

Deal Valuation
A Community for valuation professionals, those seeking valuation services, and tools to make obtaining a high-quality business valuation easier!

Are you interested in the predictions of top futurists? See what they think is going to happen in the next 1000 years. You can share your opinions with other and if you're qualified, you can make predictions too.

Great Employee
Resources and rewards for the most important of all corporate assets, the employee.

Oviture helps Enterprise Businesses innovate more quickly and effectively. Enterprises area matched with local ventures and the supporting network of advisers, investors, etc. Oviture provides assistance and tools for all parties to exchange value and create better outcomes.

Text My Business
A simple and easy way for businesses to offer customers the ability to send text message to a dedicated business number, and then route those messages to the appropriate people via text, email and voice.

Twist! Cloud
A broad selection of web-based software solutions including custom software as a service, websites, web portals, application software and more.

Twist! Network
An association of professionals that self-identify as being in the top 20% of their industry from an experience and success perspective.

Twist! Venture
White-label solutions for Incubators, Accelerators, Corporate Sponsors and Private Equity firms to drive their ventures forward with greater confidence and velocity

United Luxe
Luxury has a new meaning to Millennials around the world. We help great brands get discovered as an integral part of the experiences Millennials crave and causes they care about.

From time to time, everyone has to wait for things that they want. Rich, poor, young and old, it makes no difference...waiting is a part of life. WaitOnline makes the waiting process easier and more fun!

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