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Venture Faster.
Venture Faster.

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What's Slowing You Down?
We Serve Five Types of Ventures...

...and customize our services to meet your unique needs.

Your venture is likely to fall into one of five common categories. While all ventures have some similarities, each type of venture has some predictable needs, phases and challenges. Cofano Ventures can help you accelerate the growth and improve the performance of your unique business venture!





Is Your Venture Running at Top Speed?
Ask yourself these six questions then click...
  • Has your venture idea been successfully vetted by experts?
  • Is your plan written, up-to-date and frequently used?
  • Does your plan have one or more date-driven sprints and exits?
  • Is your team is fully-staffed and working productively?
  • Do your resources match your plan with room for error?
  • Is your plan execution generally acceptable to all stakeholders?
We can help you address any "no" answers.
We Create Value for Great People and Teams
Our extensive experience protects you.
Grubb & Ellis
  • Various Custom Software Projects
  • Tradeshow Support
Marcus & Millichap
  • Custom Software for Marketing
Advanced Office
  • Capital Development
  • Network Development
  • Domain Consulting
The Dot Corp
  • Custom Software Prototypes
  • Business Network Development
Cofano Consulting
  • Custom Website
King County
  • Custom Software for Jail System Reporting
Holland America Lines
  • Custom Software
  • Custom CRM

Planning Solutions

Technology Solutions

Sales Solutions

Resource Solutions

Staffing Solutions

Financial Solutions

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