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Cofano Ventures offers a wide variety of solutions for Start-Up Ventures, In-House Ventures, Incubators, Accelerators, Investors and Mature Businesses.
The one thing that stands out to us after many years supporting and growing our own ventures and client ventures, is the extraordinary value of planning. We just can't emphasize the importance of planning enough. We're sorry to report that many ventures we meet with are a "dead business walking", but the Founders are the last ones to know or admit it. This frequently results from a failure to plan before starting or to continue to plan effectively as a core component of ongoing operations.

It used to be the case that technology was seen as just an accelerator to the business plan. Today, in our connected and disruptive world, technology is no longer an afterthought, it is central to the business plan and execution. It's not uncommon for early and mid-stage ventures to suffer because they don't have the technology they need to execute effectively. We provide affordable and high-performance technology solutions using almost 40 years of experience and our Twist! Cloud platform. Our Custom Website as a Service and Custom Software as a Service offerings can save you 30% to 70% over traditional solutions, and be ready for use very quickly.

After planning and capitalization, the next most important task for many ventures is to prove the ability to market and sell a product or service. Even if the sales volume is small to begin with, it serves to demonstrate the viability of the venture. As the venture matures the requirement to cost-effectively scale sales volume is also very important. We're arguably one of the few venture resources that has the ability to deliver the first few sales as well as a platform to support the sales process.

It's important for everyone to be candid and reasonably transparent about the issue of venture finance. One of the biggest problems facing start-up ventures and even those ventures inside of mature businesses is access to sufficient capital. If you can solve the problem, you're half-way just have to execute. If you can't get your hands on sufficient cash, you're done. We provide a variety of solutions to companies that need more cash or investment, and ways to make existing cash stretch further.

While we are not a traditional staffing company, we are frequently asked to provide interim or temporary CxO or project management solutions to ventures that have critical and short-term needs. Unlike many advisers, we'll sometimes let you print us a business card and carry a title for as little as one meeting. Sometimes having "your CTO" attend a meeting when you don't have the correct technical voice is the difference between success and failure. Please be aware that we are strict about observing good business practice and certain conditions apply.

Need office space, access to a copier, a mockup of a mobile app,or a logo? If it's these things or virtually anything else, we can help. We have an amazing network of providers and can handle the simplest venture task to the most complex. Because we've been doing this for so many years, we deeply understand your needs and help you get what you ask and make suggestions on how to get the best outcomes!

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