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Types of Business Ventures
Knowing your unique Venture Type is a key to success.
Cofano Ventures offers a wide variety of solutions for Start-Up Ventures, In-House Ventures, Incubators, Accelerators, Investors and Mature Businesses.

Corporate Ventures
Corporate Ventures are typically very different from other types of ventures. They are supported by the resources and success of a business that is stable and running at scale. Corporate Ventures can include Innovation Ventures, New Market Ventures, Mergers and Acquistions, Downsizing and other initiatives that are very different from normal day-to-day operations. Though corporate ventures typically have more resources than other ventures types, they are plagued by unique problems.

Startup Ventures
Startup Ventures are the most visible types of ventures discussed in the media today. The goal of the Founders and Investors is to grow quickly and to create a business than can transform a marketplace. If the business is eventually successful (which is very rare), stakeholders may enjoy great profits. Startup Ventures may put little or no emphasis on profit, stability or personal life balance. They almost always elect to use third-party capital to achieve their growth goals.

Balanced Ventures
Balanced ventures are just that. These ventures want to achieve significant scale (regional, national or global) and realize that to build a stable business, they must put continued effort into developing people, protecting the planet and growing profit. Balanced Ventures want growth, but are willing to sacrifice short-term market dominance to avoid the chaos typically associated with startup ventures. They are also willing to sacrifice the ultimate personal control afforded by lifestyle ventures.

Lifestyle Ventures
One of the greatest goals and accomplishments for some is to have a business of their own. Whether they started, inherited or purchased it, millions of people run lifestyle businesses as a means to create income and have flexibility and independence. Some become relatively large and may employ hundreds. An important distinction for lifestyle businesses is that the Owner(s) generally put "staying in control" above all other business objectives.

Personal Ventures
People around the world are experiencing a transformation in they way they earn income. Just 20 years ago, most employed people had one career, and one job at a time. The traditional employer/employee relationship has devolved into the emerging Gig Economy, characterized by project work as an alternative to a steady job, more transition, less income stability and the emergence of the "Side Hustle." It's this last item that is transforming the world of venture, causing everyone from students to grandmothers to willingly or unwillingly become part of the venture and innovation community.

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