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About Cofano Ventures
Bridging Your Venture Gaps

Welcome! Thanks for your interest in Cofano Ventures.

I founded our company because of a deep appreciation for entrepreneurs and the ventures they create. Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of the world's economy, and for many their success is a by-product of their desire to make the world a better place.

Being an entrepreneur (or corporate intrapreneur) is hard...frankly too hard for most people. 90% of ventures fail. Some will disagree with this number, but I'm confident that it's based in fact.

Some failures result from tough competition, insufficient resources and the difficulties in scaling. By far, the greatest number of failures come from self-inflicted wounds. If you're a founder, don't let this be you! Please read about Venture Gaps and contact us if you'd like some help.

Let's start with our most basic assumption...

All Ventures Have Gaps.

Fueled by idea-adrenaline, you and your team are driving forward. You have a plan and you are making progress, but you need more people, more expertise, more insight. No surprise there...we ALL need more. Around here we refer to these things as "Venture Gaps."

There are Two Types of Venture Gaps.

One type of gap is a Resource gap. Money and people are two common examples of resource gaps. Resource gaps mean you lack the necessary tools to get everything done, or perhaps to do it correctly.

The second type of gap is a Knowledge Gap. Knowledge gaps can result from insufficient experience or people missing from your team.

Resource Gaps Are Painful. Knowledge Gaps can Kill Your Venture FAST.

When cash is tight, when everyone is already's tempting to say "We're too busy to investigate. We don't have time to figure out the things we don't know that we don't know."

There's a reason why more than 90% of ventures fail. Many suffer from a flaw or injury hidden from the Management Team. These ventures survive only because they haven't completely exhausted the Founder or Sponsor's reserves of time, money and dedication. If that's your venture, wouldn't you want to know sooner than later? Wouldn't you want to fix problems before it's too late? Cofano Ventures helps you get curious and stay curious.

Check out the matrix below. All of us can put our current understanding about our ventures into one of these four categories:

You Know
What You Know

You Know
What You Don't Know

You Don't Know
What You Know

You Don't Know
What You Don't Know

Don't Live In The Dark Or In Denial!

It's never going to be convenient to take time away from the fire-fight. It's never going to be easy to confront The Big Scary. Just don't let Knowledge Gaps be the death of your venture.

That's were we come in. We're affordable, insightful, expert, inspiring, adept, funny and ready to help you with a fresh perspective and amazing tools!

Cofano Ventures helps you see your business with fresh eyes. We help you understand your gaps and bridge them. If we have the required experience or resources, we'll deliver them quickly and with great value. If we're not a fit, we'll do our best to help you find the correct resources.

Take The First Step and Feel More Confident Now.

Please give us a call at 949-558-2222. You'll feel better and your your team and investors will love you for it!

So what are you waiting for?

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